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1080 Floor

1080 FLOOR® is made up of different patterns. One pattern is designed for movement, while the other pattern is for transformation and performance. These different patterns can be combined to fit your needs based upon the size and shape of the room and how it is to be integrated with other equipment. Your logo can also be added to the floor.
You will need 20m2 when you combine it with 1080 Quantum Syncro, 10m2 when combined with 1080 Quantum Single. We can also design a customized 1080 Floor for you.


1080 FLOOR  ®  –  (Testing circle)


In order to quantify functional movement patterns we have designed a unique floor for effective and reliable testing. There are other testing mats available on the market, however none of them satisfied our needs. To satisfy our requirement we designed 1080 Floor. It has ideal friction, the ability to measure in centimeters and eight different vectors angled at 45 degrees relative to each other. In addition it has the ability to effectively measure and document rotation in degrees.




Here are some of the floors delivered by Athletic 1080


CIMG0540 1080floor_bergen

1080 Floor ® – (Coordinate system with or without testing circle)

This unique and systematic floor pattern allow for effective documentation of position relative to other equipment and the excursion of any functional movement such as lunges and jumps. The pattern is made up of a 10-centimeter increment coordinate system. Diagonals at 45 degrees relative to this coordinate system are identified.

This allows for the quantification of functional movement patterns with 1080 Quantum or other testing and training equipment. Accurate position of the client or athlete relative to the equipment can now be documented. Furthermore the excursion of movement such and lunges, reaches and jumps can be effectively documented. This ensures reliable testing and training methods. This is of great importance if we are to test the status of a client or athlete or document the effectiveness of our treatment and training.


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