1080 Training

1080 Training is highly effective and result driven training based upon fundamental principles, physical performance and your individual 1080MAP™ profile.


1080 TrainingWe customize and design effective training programs to optimize your performance. 1080 training has a systematic approach and is divided into three levels.


1080 Movement – Level 1

1080 Movement is based upon creating a solid foundation of three-dimensional mobility and stability. This is of great importance, since mobility and stability is the foundation of any athletic performance. You will have measurable results after just one session.


1080 Transformation – Level 2

1080 Transformation is the progression of the three-dimensional mobility and stability created in 1080 Movement. You are now ready to transform three-dimensional mobility and stability into strength, endurance and power. This will allow you to take your functional and athletic performance to the next level.


1080 Performance – Level 3

This is the level where the magic happens! Three-dimensional mobility, stability, strength, endurance and power are combined in performance training. The purpose of this performance training is to create efficient and coordinated movements and athletic performances such as running, hitting, throwing, jumping and quick changes of direction.


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