1080MAP™ Treatment Course Series

Level 2 – Lower Extremity                                                                                            >>SIGN UP


By gaining unique knowledge and understanding how different joints, muscles and body systems work together you are one step closer to the real cause of pain and/or dysfunction of the foot, knee and hip.


In this course you will learn 3D treatment techniques and specific exercises with quick and measurable results – all based upon profiles from the revolutionary 1080MAP™!


This is the continuation course of 1080MAP™ Analysis.



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4900 SEK plus VAT



Certified personal trainer/coach and licensed health professionals such as physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or physician with attended 1080MAP™ Analysis course.



Course Content:

Principles of human movement

Introduction of integrated biomechanics and muscle function

Motion Analysis

Functional clinical treatment

Functional and specific training


After this course you will be able to:

See the body as a whole and how different body parts are interconnected to 3D movement patterns

How foot, knee and hip pain and/or dysfunction can be a compensation for another part of the body not performing correctly

Understand the interaction between mobility, stability, endurance, strength and power, which is critical for the development of optimal performance

Create relative motion of different joints to increase mobility and muscle activation

Achieve quick and measurable results with 3D mobilization, stretching, and specific exercises

Transform simple basic exercises such as lunge, squat, push or pull into unlimited exercises by understanding the principles and strategies governing human function.





For those who wish to become a certified 1080MAP™ Treatment Specialist, you need to complete the following three levels:


Level 1 – 1080MAP™ Analysis:                         32 tests with deep analysis of mobility and stability.

Level 2 – 1080MAP™ Lower Extremity:               Analysis, treatment and specific training of the foot, knee and hip

Level 3 – 1080MAP™ Trunk & Upper Extremity:  Analysis, treatment and specific training of the trunk and upper extremity

1080 MAP ™ Treatment Lower Extremity is approved by the Swedish Naprapat Association’s continuing education program with 16 points.


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Email: jessica@athletic1080.com




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