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1080MAP™ Training Course Series

Level 2 – Analysis                                                                                            >>SIGN UP


This course is a continuation of 1080MAP™ Screen with 32 tests (16 each side) with in-depth analysis of mobility and stability. Rotation is one of the key components in functional performance and now you will be able to measure how much rotation that is coming from the shoulder, trunk, hip and knee/foot.


Through this unique knowledge you will be able to understand how the different joints, muscles and systems of your body function as a whole and therefore you will be more likely to find the real cause of limited performance.


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Certified personal trainers/coaches with attended 1080MAP Screen course.





Principles and strategies of performance

Introduction to integrated biomechanics

Motion analysis

Functional analysis of mobility and stability

Principles of testing

Practical application of tests and analysis

Creation of functional mobility and stability profiles



Understand the body as a whole and how different joints and regions are interconnected in 3D movement patterns

Use 32 specific tests that systematically measure mobility and stability in various movement patterns, taking only 15-30 minutes

Use 1080MAP™ to effectively get an overview of the asymmetries between the right and the left side in rotation, flexion, extension, lateral flexion, pronation and supination patterns

Gain a measurement value for functional relative motion in the shoulder, trunk, hip, knee/foot

Follow your client’s progression through an objective measurement tool included in the 1080MAP™. The measured value is normalized and can easily be compared with groups from the same sport, age, gender and time periods

Easily find which joint or body region lacks mobility and stability

Achieve fast and measurable results by using 1080MAP™

Distinctively market yourself towards clients, sports clubs and corporations

Be part of our international network!



Bild av en profil

Picture: Example of a 1080 Movement Assessment Profile (1080 MAP™)





For those who wish to become a certiefied 1080MAP™ Movement Practitioner, you need to complete the following three levels:

Level 1 – 1080MAP™ Screen:                               16 tests and exercises for mobility and stability

Level 2 – 1080MAP™ Analysis:                            32 tests with in-depth analysis of mobility and stability.

Level 3 – 1080MAP™ Training:                            Corrective exercises with measurable results



Athletic 1080 won the Stockholm Innovation Award in December 2012 in the category of Life Science for the 1080MAP™.

The Norwegian School of Sports Science has validated 1080MAP™.

1080 MAP ™ Analysis program is approved by the Swedish Naprapat Association’s continuing education program with 18  points.



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Email: jessica@athletic1080.com




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