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1080MAP™ Training Course Series
Level 3 – 1080MAP™ Training                                                                                     >>SIGN UP


In this course you will learn how you easily design individualized and effective exercises with quick and measurable results based upon profiles from 1080MAP™. This is a continuation of the 1080MAP™ Screen and/or 1080MAP™ Analysis courses.



VenueS & Dates:

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4900  SEK plus VAT



Certified personal trainers/coaches, health professionals with attended 1080MAP Screen and/or Analysis course.



Course content:

Principles and strategies of performance

Introduction to integrated biomechanics

Practical application of corrective training based on profiles from 1080MAP™


You will be able to:

Understand the body as a whole and how different joints and regions are interconnected by three-dimensional movement patterns

Understand how dysfunction in one part of the body can be a compensation for another part that is not functioning the way it should

Understand the interaction between mobility, stability, endurance, strength and power, which is critical for effective performance development

Create relative motion between different joints for increased muscle activation and movement

Achieve quick and measurable results with corrective exercises

Transforming a simple basic exercise into an unlimited number of exercises using the principles and strategies governing human function




For those who wish to become a certiefied 1080MAP™ Movement Practitioner, you need to complete the following three levels:

Level 1 – 1080MAP™ Screen:                               16 tests and exercises for mobility and stability

Level 2 – 1080MAP™ Analysis:                            32 tests with in-depth analysis of mobility and stability.

Level 3 – 1080MAP™ Training:                            Corrective exercises with measurable results



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