1080MAP™ Analysis Software and two days live course (Stockholm)

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Prerequisite: 1080MAP Screen online with a total of 12 tests.
This course contains additional 20 tests for more in depth analysis of mobility and stability.
You will now get a measurable value of the local rotation at the foot/knee, hip, trunk and the shoulder girdle complex in standing. This is of great help when improving performance and preventing injuries.
You will also get a value of global movement patterns in the sagittal and frontal plane.
1080 Movement Assessment Profile (1080MAP™) – the only 3D testing system of functional movement patterns that is validated, reliable, standardized, measurable and web-based, providing you with powerful insights about performance and asymmetry.
  • Access to 50 tests in the 1080MAP Software
  • One portable Athletic 1080™ Test Mat (included in the 1080MAP Screen online course).
  • Two days live education of 1080MAP Analysis. It is aimed for health professionals, trainers and coaches with attended 1080MAP Screen online course.

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  • Principles and strategies of performance
  • Introduction to integrated biomechanics
  • Principles of testing
  • Motion analysis
  • Functional analysis of mobility and stability
  • Practical application of tests and analysis
  • Creation of functional mobility and stability profiles
  • Understand the body as a whole and how different joints and regions are interconnected in 3D movement pattern
  • Use a total of 32 specific tests that systematically measure mobility and stability in various movement patterns, taking only 30-40 minutes
  • Use 1080MAP™ to effectively get an overview of the asymmetries between the right and the left side in rotation, flexion, extension, lateral flexion, pronation and supination patterns
  • Gain a measurement value for local rotation in the shoulder girdle complex, trunk, hip and knee/foot
  • Follow your patient’s progression through an objective measurement tool included in the 1080MAP™. The measured value is normalized and can easily be compared with groups from the same sport, age, gender and time periods
  • Easily find which joint or body region that lacks mobility and stability
  • Achieve fast and measurable results by using 1080MAP™
  • Distinctively market yourself towards patients/clients, sports clubs , companies and insurance companies
  • Be part of our international network!
1080MAP Screen online. Certified healthcare professionals, trainers and coaches.