1080MAP™ Movement Serie Bundle

18,700.00 SEK 14,960.00 SEK (excl. VAT)

In the 1080MAP™ Movement series you will also learn how you easily design individualized and effective exercises with quick and measurable results. The 1080MAP Movement series is divided into three levels.


– One year license 1080MAP™Software (150 tests included)
– One portable Athletic 1080MAT™ Test mat 1,4 m x 0,6 m.
– Three days live education 1080MAP Screen for Trainers, Three days live education 1080MAP Analysis & Two days education 1080MAP Training courses
– 20% bundle discount compared to individual course pricing 

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For those who wish to become a certified 1080MAP™ Movement Treatment Specialist, you need to complete the following three levels:

Level 1 – 1080MAP™ Screen: 16 tests (8 on each side) and exercises for mobility and stability
Level 2 – 1080MAP™ Analysis: 32 tests (16 on each side) with in-depth analysis of mobility and stability.
Level 3 – 1080MAP™ Training: Create specific exercises with measurable results.

Certified personal trainers/coaches.