Level 3 for Trainers: TRAINING

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In this course you will learn how you easily design individualized and effective exercises with quick and measurable results based upon profiles from 1080MAP™.

This is a continuation of the 1080MAP™ Screen and/or 1080MAP™ Analysis courses.

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– Principles and strategies of performance

– Introduction to integrated biomechanics

– Practical application of corrective training based on profiles from 1080MAP™

– Understand the body as a whole and how different joints and regions are interconnected by three-dimensional movement patterns

– Understand the interaction between mobility, stability, endurance, strength and power, which is critical for effective performance development

– Create relative motion between different joints for increased muscle activation and movement

– Achieve quick and measurable results with corrective exercises

– Transforming a simple basic exercise into an unlimited number of exercises using the principles and strategies governing human function


Certified personal trainers/coaches, health professionals with attended 1080MAP Screen and/or Analysis course.


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