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Discover 1080 MAP: A Revolutionary Test System for Enhancing Human and Athletic Performance. Designed for coaches, trainers, and healthcare professionals, 1080 MAP offers a practical, user-friendly approach to evaluating key physical factors that drive performance in sports and everyday activities. This innovative system is grounded in scientific research, ensuring reliable and effective results. Elevate your training and care strategies with 1080 MAP – the smart choice for professionals dedicated to peak performance.

1080 MAP – Levels

Our system methodically evaluates various physical factors across multiple levels, ensuring a structured and logical progression in assessments. This approach guarantees comprehensive analysis, aiding trainers and healthcare professionals in developing targeted and effective training and rehabilitation programs

Level 1

  • Mobility
  • Stability

Level 2

  • Force
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Endurance

Level 3

  • Athlete and client specific performance

1080 MAP – Process

1080 MAP offers a streamlined structure at each level to assess, analyze, and enhance human and athletic performance. Supported by educational resourcesaccessories  and science, it’s an ideal tool for optimizing training outcomes.

Process Access


A structured combination of tests each designed to target specific physical factors at various levels, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation

Process Analyse


Our approach combines quantitative and qualitative measurements to create detailed individual profiles, offering actionable insights for personalized strategies

Process Optimise


Tailor specific, individualized training and treatment programs designed to maximize performance effectively.

1080 MAP – Actionable insights

Our web-based platform securely stores test results, combining them to create comprehensive profiles. These profiles offer in-depth analysis, enabling you to pinpoint specific physical factors, joints, regions, and planes of motion that may be impacting human and athletic performance. Utilize these profiles for documenting status and progression, and for bench-marking against reference data. This is an invaluable tool for communicating progress with patients, clients, and athletes. As a coach, trainer, or healthcare professional, these actionable insights are crucial for designing and implementing effective training or rehabilitation programs.



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Read about what 1080 MAP users say

Thank you for a very good, inspiring and interesting course. It was great! I am very happy. Thank you also for the friendly and helpful reception

Jeff Viberg, Personal Trainer Sweden

This is really interesting and fun, I am applying it on choreographers and dancers in Berlin. There is a lot of potential to be developed here…

Daniel Almgren Recen, Choreograph
Lone Peak Physical Therapy

Human motion is complicated and can be difficult to explain. The 1080 MAP visual profile is one of the best tools, we have found, for creating client understanding and buy-in. In our experience, once a client sees their personal motion restrictions mapped out, on paper, they are much more motivated to do the work needed to correct any issues. The educational component of the 1080 MAP system has been invaluable for us!

Lone Peak Physical Therapy Montana, USA

A very inspiring course at which I was quickly able to understand and use the testing system 1080MAP™. It is a powerful method that provides a lot of information in a short time about the patient’s ability to move in all three planes of motion. I think that the 1080-method will redraw the map for rehabilitation in Sweden but also increase opportunities for all therapists to meet the higher requirements that will be imposed by the industry.

Per Drömek Sundqvist, Licensed Chiropractor Fysiomotoriskt Testcenter, Västerås, Sweden
Eirik H Andreassen, Personal Trainer

I learned a lot in this course, and the instructors were excellent. I felt very confident in immediately implementing 1080MAP™ as a tool on my clients and I now use it in the analysis of my clients to determine what joints or regions to target in their training. I feel that this tool has made me a better trainer

Eirik H Andreassen, Personal Trainer Movon, Sandnes, Norway

Learning how to test, train and treat three-dimensional has given me quick and good results on my clients. I find mobility quickly with this screening. A great tool and the customer is extremely happy with the treatment.

Louise Svaton Licensed Naprapath Stockholm, Sweden


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