1080 Levels - Systematic assessment of movement / 1080 MAP

1080 Levels

Motion Analysis

Level 1 – 1080 MAP Movement

Mobility and stability are fundamental to human and athletic performance and tested at Level 1. To determine how a client or athlete is able to move is done using a series of tests consisting of different full body movement patterns. The quantitative, qualitative and subjective outcome measurements are stored on a web-based platform to generate individual profiles. These profiles are used to determine status, document progress and to compare to reference data. Comparisons can be made based on factors such as age, gender, sports and level of performance.

Since tests are designed to impose different mobility and stability demands on the kinematic chain (full body), the analysis will identify how joint(s), region(s) and plane(s) of motion limit movement. These actionable insights can be used to develop and implement individualized rehabilitation and training programs.

Level 2 – 1080 MAP Transformation

The logical progression to Level 2 is to test similar full body movement patterns with external load. Tests at this level are designed to target different physical factors (force, speed, power and endurance), different planes of motion and their combinations,  portions of the kinetic chain (full, upper or lower body) and the ability to generate vertical and horizontal force, speed and power. Test results are stored on a web-based platform to generate individual profiles. Profiles are used to determine status, document progress and compare to reference data based on factors described previously. Analysis of individual profiles identify physical quality, plane(s) motion and portion of the kinetic chain to target in subsequent training and rehabilitation programs. This information provide actionable insights to develop specific and individualized rehabilitation and training programs.

Different equipment can be used to provide an external load at this level. In order to optimize workflow and ease of testing our preferred partner is 1080 Motion, the international leader in robotic resistance technology. This technology allow for load and speed to be set in both the concentric and eccentric phase of the movement with immediate documentation of force, speed and power. Their versatile technology is used for both testing, training and rehabilitation at the Transformation and Performance level. You can read more about 1080 Motion here.

Level 3 – 1080 MAP Performance

Specific performances such as sprinting, hitting, throwing, jumping and change of direction are tested and analyzed at this level. Performance specific data, such as speed, time and distance, are then combined with the profiles and analysis from the 1080 MAP Movement and Transformation levels. This unique and innovative information provide you with a wholistic perspective on how the different physical factors are related to performance. From this analysis you will obtain actionable insights of which physical factor(s), joint(s), region(s) and plane(s) of motion to target in subsequent training and rehabilitation. As we continue explore and evolve from an applied and scientific perspective new performance analyses will be included. Overall, 1080 MAP offers you a structured and effective framework of how to develop human and athletic performance. 


Read about what 1080 MAP users say

Thank you for a very good, inspiring and interesting course. It was great! I am very happy. Thank you also for the friendly and helpful reception

Jeff Viberg, Personal Trainer Sweden

This is really interesting and fun, I am applying it on choreographers and dancers in Berlin. There is a lot of potential to be developed here…

Daniel Almgren Recen, Choreograph
Lone Peak Physical Therapy

Human motion is complicated and can be difficult to explain. The 1080 MAP visual profile is one of the best tools, we have found, for creating client understanding and buy-in. In our experience, once a client sees their personal motion restrictions mapped out, on paper, they are much more motivated to do the work needed to correct any issues. The educational component of the 1080 MAP system has been invaluable for us!

Lone Peak Physical Therapy Montana, USA

A very inspiring course at which I was quickly able to understand and use the testing system 1080MAP™. It is a powerful method that provides a lot of information in a short time about the patient’s ability to move in all three planes of motion. I think that the 1080-method will redraw the map for rehabilitation in Sweden but also increase opportunities for all therapists to meet the higher requirements that will be imposed by the industry.

Per Drömek Sundqvist, Licensed Chiropractor Fysiomotoriskt Testcenter, Västerås, Sweden
Eirik H Andreassen, Personal Trainer

I learned a lot in this course, and the instructors were excellent. I felt very confident in immediately implementing 1080MAP™ as a tool on my clients and I now use it in the analysis of my clients to determine what joints or regions to target in their training. I feel that this tool has made me a better trainer

Eirik H Andreassen, Personal Trainer Movon, Sandnes, Norway

Learning how to test, train and treat three-dimensional has given me quick and good results on my clients. I find mobility quickly with this screening. A great tool and the customer is extremely happy with the treatment.

Louise Svaton Licensed Naprapath Stockholm, Sweden


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