We provide services for systematic and effective testing, training and rehabilitation to enhance human and athletic performance.

 1080MAP™ - the only valid and reliable test system that systematically assess mobility, stability, strength, speed, power and endurance based on whole-body movement patterns.


Our passion is human and athletic performance. Based on both education and experience we felt that we could contribute to improve testing, training and rehabilitation strategies and techniques. This resulted in the foundation of Athletic 1080 in 2012, and the development of 1080 MAP (Movement Assessment Profile). In 1080 MAP we wanted to use tests based on whole-body movement patterns since human and athletic performance is a multidimensional interaction between systems, joints and muscles. Furthermore, human and athletic performance is an interaction between different physical qualities (mobility, stability, strength, speed, power and endurance). As a result 1080 MAP is a systematic system based on whole-body tests of the different physical qualities that determine human and athletic performance.

The first version of 1080 MAP was awarded the City of Stockholm Stipend in the category of Life Sciences in 2012.

This recognition fueled our motivation and resulted in further scientific work. Current content of 1080 MAP has been validated by one PhD and five Master student projects at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

1080 MAP is a progressive test system under constant development based on sound scientific methods. As we move forward we will learn more about how to most effectively test, train and rehabilitate.

1080 MAP is currently used world-wide with different populations ranging from professional sports to rehabilitation hospitals.


Transform athletic performance of all, through a systematic approach to movement.


Coaches, trainers, health-care professionals and scientists have all contributed to the development of 1080 MAP. All are dedicated professionals with extensive experience in testing, training and rehabilitation of athletes, such as PGA, LPGA, NHL, NFL, ATP,WTA, NBA and EPL, as well as non-athletes.