The original team behind 1080 MAP consisted of three professionals with different backgrounds and this in common: 1) we wanted to do better, 2) we wanted to understand human movement and performance better, and 3) we wanted to give better results both to the athletes and patients we worked with.

Jessica Parnevik-Muth a licensed Physical Therapist in Sweden and the USA. After almost 10 years in the US, she moved back to Sweden in 2001 and started to lecture a wholistic approach to testing, training, and rehabilitation throughout Europe. In 2009 she contacted Ola Eriksrud, whom she had met a Seminar in Boston.

Ola Eriksrud lived in Connecticut for 10 years where he studied Physical Therapy at the University of Connecticut. He moved back to Norway in 2005 and has since been teaching and doing research in the fields of biomechanics and motor control at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, as well as working as a physical therapist.

They ended up being a perfect match, Ola with his academic and clinical background and Jessica with her clinical background and years of experience in teaching.

Ali Ghelem, the third member of the team, attended one of the first seminars with Jessica and Ola and joined the team in 2011. Ali has great experience working as a physical trainer for professional athletes as well as a creative scientific mind for organisation, analysis and presentation of data.

Based on the great results we achieved through testing, training and rehabilitation of clients and athletes we started to quantify outcomes. Extensive documentation and exploration resulted in 1080MAP™ (Movement Assessment Profile) launched in 2012. 1080 MAP consist of tests, training and rehabilitation strategies and techniques based on whole-body movement patterns. The task based approach used in 1080 MAP is ecological and specific to human and athletic performance, as this is how we as humans organize movement. Since human and athletic performance is dependent on the interaction of different physical qualities (mobility, stability, strength, speed, power and endurance) we developed specific strategies and techniques with the application of the different equipment to target all of them. As a result 1080 MAP is a task based approach to testing, training and rehabilitation of the physical qualities of human and athletic performance.

The next logical step to any test system, such as 1080 MAP, was scientific documentation. This is important as many currently available approaches and test systems lack documentation. Since the beginning the use of 1080 MAP has been documented in case studies. Then from 2015 larger scientific studies were initiated as a part of Ola´s PhD project at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. We wanted to determine reliability and validity of some of the tests included in 1080 MAP. The scientific documentation of this and many other studies can be found here.

In 2020 both Ali and Jessica wanted to focus on other things and challenged Ola to take 1080 MAP to the next level. As a dedicated professional he accepted this challenge and now runs the company together with Annette Hilde, who has a Masters degree in Sports Science and Business Management.

Currently there is ongoing innovative and scientific development of 1080 MAP. All of this will be presented on this webpage as well as on our SOME and newsletters. You are more than welcome to join us on this journey as we progress and gather more knowledge in the development and growth of 1080 MAP.