Athletic 1080 at the IcSORTS 2013

IcSPORTS 2013 is an international congress on sports science research and technology in sports link. The congress was held over three days in Portugal where different sports and applications were covered. There were many exciting presentations and conversations.

Ola Eriksrud presented the basic version of our mobility screen. This was the first presentation of the validation process this screen is currently undergoing, and all the results should be ready toward the end of this year. As soon as the abstract from this congress is made public we will share this with all of you.

The premise of the test is rather simple in that conventional tests target singular joint motions in isolated planes of motion in non-functional positions do not reflect functional or athletic performance. There is a rather large body of literature suggesting this. Then it is rather surprising is that these conventional tests are still used determine mobility. One example of many is when McGill in 2012 looked at hip mobility and influence on basketball specific performance variable. Little to no influence was found. Thus, there is a need for advancement in this area and that has been our motivation. Our system is based upon a unique combination of movement patterns in an upright standing position that allows you to determine mobility. The system is showing great promise and its effectiveness as a clinical tool is undisputable. We have now tested and created profiles of over 500 athletes

We would like to thank all the co-authors in the process that put down a lot of work to make this happen.

Jessica, Ali and Ola