Athletic 1080 on Vardagspuls on TV4

Athletic 1080 was featured on Swedish TV4 on the health and training show Vardagspuls, on Monday November 30th.

On the show, Jessica Parnevik – Muth, physical therapist, performs a 1080MAP-analysis of TV host Kristin Kaspersen who wants to get back in the track and start running again.

Human function is so integrated and linked that we need tools to figure out how the muscles, joints and systems of the body function as a whole. 1080 Movement Assessment Profile (1080MAP) is a great tool for that. This is a complement to other clinical tests.

“Too often, we treat the symptom and not the cause,” Jessica explains. Read full article from Vardagspuls here.

See Jessica perform the 1080MAP analysis on Kristin to measure her mobility:


Jessica demonstrates several exercises for back and neck pain: