Hip rotation and low back pain

In a study performed in 2008 by Van Dillen and co-workers they found that people who

Validation of 1080 Quantum at Dala Sports Academy

We are proud to announce that 1080 Quantum is undergoing validation of measurements

Athletic 1080 join forces with 1080 Motion

We are proud to announce that 1080 Quantum, a patented robotic testing and training

Athletic 1080 congratulate Robert Lindstedt for winning Australian Open double Final

Athletic 1080: Assess, Analyse and Optimize. Very well done Robert. 1080 testing and

Variability of Trunk Movement

As a part of a larger project we are looking at the variability of movement and in particular

Symmetry and metabolic cost of movement

I thought would be nice to share this work form a colleague, Elena Seminati, and one