Our interest in the integrated human body started years ago. It is a journey without an end. The day we say we know it all is the day we have stopped growing. We hope that day never comes.

Jessica Parnevik-Muth is a licensed Physical Therapist in Sweden and USA. After almost 10 years in the US she moved back to Sweden in 2001 and started to spread the word of function through seminars around Europe. After 8 years of teaching she contacted Ola Eriksrud, that she had met in 2002 at a Seminar in Boston, to see if he was interested in doing a seminar together.

They ended up being a perfect match, Ola with his academic background and Jessica trying to make biomechanics easy by transforming herself into different muscles and joints.
They founded 3D Functional Science in 2010 with a goal to share the integrated nature of human function with others.

Ola Eriksrud lived in Connecticut for 10 years where he studied at the University of Connceticut to become a licensed Physical therapist. He moved back to Norway in 2005 and has since than been teaching and doing research in the fields of biomechanics and motor control at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences. He formally started on his Phd in 2012 involving 1080MAP. He is also working at Olympiatoppen as physical therapist and involved in a big testing project. In addition involved in a few innovation projects with the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and Innovation Norway. He is also a sought after lecturer.

Ali Ghelem attended one of the first seminars with Jessica and Ola in 2010. They put words into something that he had seen for many years. With his great knowledge and experience working as a physical trainer for professional athletes he joined the team in 2011. Ali is also excellent at putting things into a system and making profiles out of it.

ATHLETIC1080 team: 2012 they changed their name to Athletic1080. With the great results they received with testing, training and rehabilitation they started to document and quantify what they did. After a lot of hard work they came up with 1080MAP™ (Movement Assessment Profile). In 2012 they received the City of Stockholm Stipend in the category of Life Sciences for their test system on movement patterns. The award gave them strength and motivation to continue their hard work to make a difference in the world when it comes to testing, training and rehabilitation. The testing system has been validated by 1 PhD and 5 master students at the Norwegian School of Sport Science based upon the scientific work of Ola and his colleagues.