Economy and movement

In economy of movement lies efficiency. However economy might mean something different to other people. Today I had the privilege to listen to a lecture presented by Nobel laureate and professor in Economics at Columbia University Josef Stiglitz. His lecture was about different economical models, and his thoughts on what constituted a good one. Two models, one on each end of a spectrum, can be used to explain differences between different economical models. On one side one model would be highly regulated, while the model on the other side, the free market, would not be subject to such regulations and the market forces would dictate. Professor Stiglitz argued that the free market would create inequalities and gave numerous examples of this. I could not help myself to think of human movement.

In order for the body to function optimally, or other systems for that matter, there must be equality between different regions and joints. The use of equality here refers to different joints and regions contributing, based upon their abilities, to the overall performance of the body. As soon as one part, whether that be region, joint or muscle group, disproportionally contributes to the movement there will be trouble. The result could be injuries or a less efficient movement. Did not efficiency reflect movement economy?