Fredrik’s mobility more than doubled in just two weeks!


Fredrik is a 50-year-old man who runs regularly and plays paddle tennis. Upon contacting Athletic 1080 he was experiencing stiffness and felt that his mobility was very limited. Jessica did a 1080MAP (Movement Assessment Profile) on him and found very limited mobility. Fredrik wanted to improve his performance and increase his freedom of movement in his daily activities.


The 1080MAP  is pictured above. The profile to the left is of when he is standing with his left foot on the 1080MAT, his toe touching with his right foot. He reaches with his hand/hands forward down towards the floor (A0) and in a 45 degrees angel to the left (L45) and right (R45). He also reaches overhead posteriorly (P180), overhead to the sides (L90 and R90) and in a 135 degrees angle to the left (L135) and right (R135). The profile to the right is the same tests standing on his right foot, his toe touching with his left foot.

The yellow ”bubble” gives us an idea of his freedom of movement. ”Big bubble no trouble, small bubble trouble”. The grey bubble is the average score of 3 400 tests.

As you can see, Fredrik has a lot of ”hidden potential”. His total score was 0.9 and the average score of 3 400 tests is about 5.2.

The circles around the ”bubble” is his freedom of movement in rotation involving the shoulder girdle complex, trunk, hips and knees/feet. The grey circles in the background are the average score.

His movement pattern in extension was really limited compared to his flexion pattern. The rotation and extension in the hips and trunk was very limited.

To be able to play paddle tennis well and to avoid injuries it is really important that he increases his rotation in his hips and trunk and also his movement patterns in extension.

It will also affect his running if his mobility is this limited.


Fredrik hates doing mobility exercises and he will not do them if he has to do many exercises. That is one of the reasons 1080MAP web-system is so helpful. Now you can pinpoint the areas of restriction and give just a few exercises that will make a difference for him instead of giving 10 -15 exercises hoping at least some of them would help.

Fredrik received 4 home exercises, three mobility exercises and one stability exercise. One important rule is to always follow a mobility exercises with a stability exercise.

To get the most effect out of the exercises it helps to consider the different layers (fascia, muscle, capsule and joint).

The exercises given were two exercises that will increase his extension and internal rotation in his hips also affecting the anterior superficial line, see pictures below.

EXERCISES To improve extension and internal rotation of the hip


Stand in a half kneeling position holding on to a stick with the hand up high to lengthen the superficial front line of the fascia.

Angle the lower leg slightly outwards to get the hip in an internal rotated position.

Posterior tilt the pelvis to prevent over extension of the lower back while moving the pelvis forward. To increase the mobility of the hip in three planes of motion move the pelvis side to side and in rotation while keeping the hip extended. Repeat until an increased mobility is noticed.


Stand in a four point positioning with the knees and hips flexed 90 degrees and the hands together. Move the hand to the side while keeping the elbows straight. Let the pelvis fall to the side towards the floor without rotating the pelvis.

In this position, move the pelvis forward and back along the floor. If they are able to touch the floor with the pelvis while keeping the elbows straight, they do not need this exercise.

Fredrik was also given one exercise that will improve his trunk rotation and extension and one stability exercise.


Fredrik was told to do the exercises morning and evening for two weeks. He had to repeat the exercises until he felt a difference.

He came back October 3rd, two weeks later, see profile below. He was surprised that he already felt a big difference. As you can see on the 1080MAP profile below, he had more than doubled his freedom of movement. His average score had increased from 0.9 to 2.4. It is a great improvement but he was still far away from the average score. He got two new exercises to improve his shoulder girdle movement. 1080map_2

The body is so integrated and linked that we need tools to figure out how it works. With the help of 1080MAP you will, in a short amount of time, be able to find the main areas of limitations. With the help of 1080MAP you can with just a few specific exercises make a big difference. Fredrik more than double his freedom of movement in just two weeks.