Ola Eriksrud PhD, MSPT

Ola Eriksrud is an Associate Professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences with areas of expertise in biomechanics, motor control, motor learning and exercise physiology. His research interest lies in how to evolve testing and training strategies to better individualize and subsequently optimise human and athletic performance. As he recognizes the multifactorial nature of human performance his research and applied work has a wide involvement that range from coordination, motor control and learning to dynamic postural control and strength and conditioning. This broad understanding and quest for knowledge is reflected by his different involvements with Olympiatoppen, a part of Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic committee and Confederation of Sports, where he works with the health, strength and conditioning as well as technique and motor control department.

The quest for knowledge and understanding has led him down the path of scientific exploration and innovation. As a newly educated physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist he quickly realized that there was a need for tests with better ecological validity to human and athletic performance. This has led to him to create 1080 MAP together with Jessica Parnevik-Muth and Ali Ghelem. He is also a co-founder of 1080 Motion, the international leader in robotic resistance technology used to test, assess and train force, speed and power of movements ranging from isolated joint movements to whole-body movement patterns as well as cyclical movement patterns (sprint and change of direction). Both of these projects are based on the fact that we can do better for the clients and the athletes we work with. This has also led him to be a consultant in different sports for numerous national and international athletes, clubs, universities and federations.

Teaching has always been important to Ola,which is why he has put a lot of pride into his teaching. He believes that students are the most important resource of any academic institution. He is an innovative teacher as he uses many different platforms and technologies to facilitate learning. In addition, his ability to combine practical application of the content he is teaching has earned him numerous teaching awards over the years. This is one reason why he is a sought after lecturer both nationally and internationally. His eagerness to share knowledge and expertise with the younger generation is also evident in his involvement with youth basketball in Norway.

He received his PhD in Exercise Science through the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and both a Masters and Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Connecticut. As a part of his academic and clinical career he has sought to collaborate with creative, curious and innovative minds from different areas of expertise as he believes this is how we can progress testing, training and rehabilitation of patients, clients and athletes.

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