Presentation at the Sports Medicine Spring Meeting in Stockholm

We Analyze

We believe and it is scientifically proven that human function is;

–       Three dimensional

–       Integrated and linked

–       Reacting to ground reaction forces and gravity

–       Driven

–       Individual

–       Subconscious

That is why we developed 1080 MAP (Movement Assessment Profile), a web-based test system. We test functional movement patterns in an upright position in three planes of motion.

Ola Eriksrud and his colleges at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences have validated 1080 MAP and Ola will present the validation at Idrottsmedicinska vårmötet (The Sports Medicine spring meeting), May 9th in Stockholm.

– Why test in one plane of motion when we function in three planes of motion?

– Why test one joint at a time when human function is integrated and linked?

– Why test on the table lying down when human function reacts to gravity ground reaction forces in an upright position?
Come and meet us at the expo and we will show you how to systematically test, train and document mobility, stability, force, speed, power and endurance in functional movement patterns in a way you never seen before.

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Jessica, Ali and Ola