1080 MAP Movement SCREEN

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The 1080 MAP Movement Screen is your first step in 1080 MAP and your access to 1080 MAP online test system. In this online course you will learn valid and reliable tests of both mobility and stability based on whole-body movement patterns. Upon completion you will be able to enter test results into our online 1080 MAP test system. Data is presented as a profile, current status of mobility and stability, that can be easily communicated and understood by the person tested. The profile can then be used to compare the person to themselves or to other reference data based on factors such as age, gender and specific sports. The analysis that accompanies the profile provide actionable insights on joints, regions and planes of motion to target in subsequent training and rehabilitation. The combination of this quantitative approach, with qualitative and subjective information, provide an effective framework for you to assess the influence of three-dimensional mobility and stability of joints and regions on whole-body movements. You now have an effective and valuable assessment tool that will provide you with a new understanding and appreciation of the interconnected nature of movement. This will benefit both you and all of those that you have the privilege to work with.
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1080 MAP Movement Screen contains
  • Three months access to course content on our online platform
  • One portable Athletic 1080 MAT test mat 1,4 m x 0,6 m (shipped after purchase)
  • Three months access to our online 1080 MAP test system for data entry, analysis and presentation of tests covered in this online course
  • 4.900 NOK (excl. VAT and shipping)

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