1080 MAP Movement Screen

4,900.00 kr (excl. VAT)

The 1080 MAP Movement Screen is your first step in 1080 MAP. In this online course you will learn valid and reliable tests of mobility and stability based on whole-body movement patterns. Upon completion of this course you will be able enter test results into our online 1080 MAP test platform, where the analysis will enable you to determine status on functional mobility and stability of your clients. This will give you a new understanding and appreciation of how interconnected the body is. This will not only impact you personally, but also those you have the privilege to train or rehabilitate.
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1080 MAP Movement Screen contains:
  • Access to online platform of course content for three months
  • One portable Athletic 1080 MAT test mat 1,4 m x 0,6 m (shipped after purchase)
  • Access to our 1080 MAP online platform for data entry, analysis and presentation from the tests you will learn in this online course (valid three months)
  • 4.900 NOK (excl. VAT and shipping). 

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