1080 MAT™ (1.4 x 0.6m)

499.00 kr (excl. VAT)

In order to obtain reliable and valid measurements of different tests ranging from whole body movement patterns to more isolated tests we have designed 1080MAT™. The pattern on the mat has eight different vectors marked at one centimetre (cm) intervals. In addition, the mat has circles at 10 cm intervals marked at 10 degree intervals. In combination this allows for testing and documentation of many different types of tests. In addition, it is great for training as different targets for exercises can be set. This small mat differ from the large mat in that only one vector extends the full 90 centimetres, but it is more mobile in that it can be rolled up and you can easily bring it with you in the case that it comes in.

Dimensions: 1.4×0.6 m

Price: 499.00 NOK (excl. VAT and shipping)

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