1080 Vest™

4,000.00 kr (excl. VAT)

The 1080 Vest is great way to both test and train the trunk while being able to perform different functional movement patterns such as lunges. The 1080 Vest is made up of two part, a belt and a vest. On both parts rings are systematically distributed to enable the application of external resistance. On the vest portion there are nine rings distributed on both the front and the back in three different rows. In addition, there are two rings over each shoulder. The reason for this distribution is to facilitate different external moments on the trunk (ability to control the thorax relative to the pelvis). The belt has three rings in the front and the back, as well as groin straps to ensure that the belt does not rotate. Development and how to use 1080 Vest has been supported by both the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and Innovation Norway

Price 4.000 NOK (excl. VAT and shipping).

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