1080 WEDGE™

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“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art” (Leonardo da Vinci) Since 2012 the 1080 Wedges have been used to assess, train and rehabilitate three-dimensional joint movements of the foot and ankle complex in a systematic and effective manner. This is done by imposing different joint mobility demands while performing different whole body tasks such as squats and foot reaches. Considering the importance of the foot to the function the the rest of the body, the 1080 Wedges becomes an important tool in your tool box. Development and how to use 1080 Wedges has been supported by the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

1080Wedge™ is sold as a 3-pack with 2, 4 and 6 degree wedges with a short description of tests and exercises. Price 299,- NOK (excl. VAT and shipping).

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What is the capacity and robustness of the foot to adapt to different conditions prepositioning? How does this capacity or a lack thereof influence the rest of the body? Will foot orthotics help or not? What changes of foot function can be accomplished prior to the prescription of foot orthotics? To what degree and what type of wedges should be prescribed in the orthotics? These are some of the questions answered by the systematic use of 1080 Wedges.

Increased joint mobility and dynamic balance is accomplished by performing different bilateral and unilateral tasks such as squats and single leg reaches. The selection of exercises and placement of 1080 Wedges are individualised to impose specific joint mobility demands and limits of stability. Outcome measurements are can be quantified by using tests such as foot reaches.