Top Personal Trainer, Patrick Rapp, on using 1080MAP™

Patrick Rapp is a personal trainer who works in Västerås and Stockholm through his own company Sport Performance Center. He has been nominated to ”PT of the Year” two years in a row in Sweden, and he was also among the top 10 global finalists in Life Fitness Personal Trainers to Watch 2015. Last year, Patrick attended several courses at Athletic1080 to become a validated user of the 1080MAP system. We’ve talked to him about how he uses 1080MAP today to systematically and efficiently test, train and treat his clients.

Why did you decide to attend our courses at Athletic1080?
”A friend of mine, who is a chiropractor, recommended the testing system 1080MAP. I soon realized that the system goes well with the way I like to work, focusing on how the whole body is connected. I also liked that there was research behind the system, that it was validated. It’s actually the most sophisticated mobility measuring system I’ve seen on the market.”
How do you use 1080MAP today?
”When I have clients that want to reach a specific goal, like being able to run faster or playing golf better, 1080MAP is very applicable. I screen my clients to understand their mobility, and to determine what form of exercise is the most fitting to help them reach their goals. I don’t have to guess what the cause of a problem is anymore.
When working with a client, I let them see the graphs created in the 1080MAP database together with me, so that they become personally involved in understanding their body functions and what results need to happen for them to reach their full potential. If you work with a client long term, the system makes it it’s easy to follow improvements in mobility. It also helps create a more professional meeting with my clients, where I can help them understand how a 10 degree reduction in internal rotation of the hip can actually be what stands between them and their goals. It makes it clearer for both of us to see what the client needs to work on.
When working with professional athletes, I always start of by screening them with 1080MAP. Some sports require certain requirements for a person to be successful. For example, in hockey, it’s very important for a player to have high mobility in their hips, otherwise you can never reach your full potential in the sport.” 
Can you give any specific examples of how you have worked with 1080MAP with some of your clients?
”I was working with a bandy goalie who had problems with her hips. In this sport, you have to do the splits really quickly to catch the ball, and then get up just as quickly again. She had been experiencing problems with her hips for a long time. When just testing her manually, I thought everything looked good. But upon screening her with 1080MAP we noticed that the mobility in the hip was not good enough to play bandy in her position. We started working with her hip, with a lot of different stretching exercises. Today her hip pain is gone.
I was also working with a 19 year old hockey player who was super explosive on the ice, but had a hard time keeping it up for more than 25 seconds. When I screened him we noticed that he had decreased mobility in many parts of his body, which you sometimes see in hockey players. He started doing 3 hours of mobility exercises a week, and today he is able to last 45 seconds on the ice. Instead of taking 25 skating cuts, he can reach the same distance in 10. That’s a big improvement.”
PatrickRapp_Foto Marika Johansson