“Visible results from the first appointment with 1080MAP™” – Eirik Andreassen, DRIV, Oslo

Eirik Andreassen from DRIV Trening in Oslo, Norway, was one of the trainers who attended the very first 1080MAP™ ANALYSIS course in Stockholm, as early as March 2014.

“I immediately understood that 1080MAP was great, and a tool that would help my clients to improve their performance”, says Eirik.

At the time of the course, Eirik was a student at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and a fresh graduate from the GIFT Institute. Today he works at DRIV Trening as a trainer.

At DRIV, there are 5 trainers who use the 1080MAP system daily for athletes who want to perform better. The system is also used for those with injuries and pain.

“We use 1080MAP at the first appointment with our clients who are experiencing pain. It has proven to be a great tool to help us set a program to help them become pain free.”

Eirik says that when using 1080MAP, clients are open and willing to get more help, maybe because they better understand their weaknesses themselves when looking at their results.

“The clients better understand their limitations from looking at their 1080MAP profiles, and are extra motivated to put in that extra effort now that they can follow their progress and see their improvements.”

Clients typically buy a package consisting of a test, a retest and 10 PT-training sessions that will help them reach their goals.

“As a trainer, using 1080MAP, I am now able to be very specific in my work, which leads to improvements for my clients in less time than before. Not to mention the feedback from the clients; they think it’s both fun and relevant to learn more about how their bodies are functioning.”