The only reliable, valid and systematic test system of whole-body movement patterns that quantify and target different physical qualities: mobility, stability, strength, speed, power and endurance. A powerful test system with insight and analysis located on a web-based platform. 

1080 MAP is a unique and practical tool for coaches, trainers and heath care professionals alike. Through the knowledge provided by 1080 MAP you will be able to understand how different physical qualities, regions, joints, muscles and systems interact in human and athletic performance. This knowledge will allow you to design individualised and effective rehabilitation and training programs. 




Systematic combination and measurement of tests based on whole-body movement patterns from standing. Quantification of the physical qualities: mobility, stability, strength, speed, power, endurance and performance.


Measurements from different tests are used to generate unique individual profiles that represent different physical qualities and performance. Analysis of combination of tests identify physical quality, regional, joint or plane specific limitations impacting human and athletic performance. 


The analysis results in highly specific and individualized treatment and training programs to improve human and athletic performance. 


1080 Movement

The first level consist of mobility and stability tests. These qualities are fundamental to human and athletic performance, and performed prior to loaded tests. 

 1080 Transformation

The next level progress to target strength, power, speed and endurance based on similar movement patterns to those used in 1080 Movement. This level require additional equipment for external loading

1080 Performance

Testing of performance such as sprinting, hitting, throwing, jumping and change of direction. A comprehensive analysis of 1080 Performance with Movement and Transformation profiles provide information about what physical quality, region, joint and plane of motion to target in training or rehabilitation.


Tests used in 1080 MAP has been validated and tested for reliability by Ola Eriksrud and colleagues at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. There is currently ongoing development and analysis based on a scientific model. As results emerge and progressions are made our results will be communicated. You can find information about scientific publications (here) and case studies (here).  

Innovation Norway has supported components of the testing system, which has been of great help.


We are very proud to have received the city of Stockholm scholarship in the category of life sciences for our test system on movement patterns. 

Motivation as follows:

Innovation Award

“There is an increasing interest in how technology and methods can improve training and rehabilitation through a need to improve performance, prevent injuries, and if necessary, find the cause of pain. To measure a sitting person on a bench performing a leg kick in one plane of motion is easy. However, it is difficult to link such a measurement to a performance in areas such as football. There is however a unique solution to test movement patterns in three different planes of motion. That way, you gain numerous possibilities to tie together mobility, stability and strength in one form of performance. This leads to better results in less time. With a conceptual mat as a starting point can the innovation be used by physical therapists and trainers and at the same time be of great help for rehab patients as well as professional athletes.”Stockholm’s Innovation Scholarship 2012, Life Sciences category, go to: Jessica Parnevik-Muth, Ola Eriksrud and Ali Ghelem for innovation “Test systems for movement patterns.”